Engaging students in education while promoting creativity.

What is AREngaged?

AREngaged is an augmented reality platform designed to engage students and individuals in unbiased education while promoting creativity, resulting in faster learning and increased retention rates. Teachers and students have access to Washington, D.C. at any given moment. No travel, planning, or large payments required.

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Simple Setup

In the school setting, teachers simply launch the Washington, D.C. field trip from their device, activating it on all their student's devices. The students are then immersed in Washington, D.C. as if they were there.

AREngaged virtual field trip selection screen, virtual augmented reality Washington D.C. field trip

Improved Engagement Rates

Engagement rates in students using AREngaged go up with the unique teaching method used. Students want to interact with AREngaged, in turn increasing engagement.

AREngaged virtual Jefferson Memorial from Washington D.C., virtual augmented reality Washington D.C. field trip

Easy Usage

AREngaged features preloaded content that falls in line with school curriculums, which means teachers don't have to update their lesson plans and students learn while interacting with AREngaged.

AREngaged virtual Jefferson Memorial in use with info card, virtual augmented reality Washington D.C. field trip

Improved Retention Rates

AREngaged features the option for teachers to turn on short quizzes with each model, letting students show what they've learned without the need for traditional assessments to gauge learning.

AREngaged quiz after interaction with model, virtual augmented reality Washington D.C. field trip
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